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Website Monitoring
Website Monitoring Software

Monitors one or many pages of your website - while the home page is most popular, you can choose which pages to monitor. Checks for web server errors, plus scans website text for a key phrase you specify. An excellent tool for site uptime monitoring, web server monitoring and URL monitoring. Use it as an Apache monitor or IIS monitor.

Website Monitoring Software

Site monitoring frequency can be set as often asevery minute, to alert you first.

Text Matching in Site Monitoring and URL Monitoring

While you can perform site monitoring or url monitoring simply by checking to ensure that the web server is working, it is often advisable to check for particular texton the page.Why? Because even if your web server is working, there may be an error message - by specifying text which should appear on the screen, you can ensure that your correct page content is being displayed.

Advanced Text Matching
Want more complex text matching? You can specify an unlimited number of regular expressions for each URL monitor or site monitor.

Site Monitoring Options
  • Port

  • Timeout

  • Minimum page size

  • Maximum page size

  • Match page size

  • Match MD5 checksum

  • Follow redirects

Monitor (SSL) Secure Pages

Easily monitor secure pages over SSL (HTTPS). In fact, we can even alert you if the site's security certificate is due to expire.

Monitor Protected Site Pages

Have a protected page using BASIC user authentication (username/password)? You can easily specify the username and password.

Cookie Support in Site Monitoring

Specify any number of cookies and we will send them to the website page being monitored.

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