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Monitor any Internet Device with BinaryCanary.com
FTP Server Monitor

Our FTP monitor will ensure that your FTP server is working correctly, and allowing user logins.

Domain Name Expiry Monitor

Ever have a domain expire on you? Not pleasant. We can monitor your domain daily and alert you if it is close to expiration.

DNS Entry Monitor

We can monitor Internet DNS servers to ensure that their entries match those you supply. This can help prevent certain hacker attacks.

Database Server Monitor

Easily monitor any database server, including SQL Server monitoring, PostgreSQL monitoring, mySQL monitoring, and other database servers.

Custom Device Monitor and Ping Monitor

Use our telnet monitor to connect to a device over a custom port and ensure that a particular "ready string" is issued. Using this method, you can easily monitor scientific equipment, security systems, or anything you can think of. Easily perform ping monitoring, router monitoring or IP address monitoring.

Other Device Monitoring
  • Scientific Instrument Monitoring
  • Security System Monitoring
  • Monitor anything you can imagine
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