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Alerts & Notifications
Easily specify how to send alerts in case of failure.
False Alarm Protection

Every failure will automatically be confirmed by a separate monitoring node prior to any notifications being issued. This ensures that a temporary network problem beyond your control does not trigger an alert.

Escalation Profiles

Often, you may want to set up a series of escalation steps to follow if there is a failure. With BinaryCanary, you can set up an unlimited number of escalation steps, for instance:

  • After a monitor has failed for 1 minute, notify Frank by SMS.

  • If the monitor is still failed after 5 minutes, notify Susan by SMS.

  • If the monitor is still failed after 2 more minutes, call both Frank and Susan by Phone, etc.

Once you set up an escalation profile, you can easily share it across multiple monitors.

Alerting Methods
  • SMS

  • SMS Gateway (free)

  • Email (free)

  • Phone Call

Notification Methods

Each contact can be set to receive SMS, SMS by email, email or phone call notifications.

Notification Retries
Specify how many times a notification should continue to be sent. You may only want a notification sent once, or you can set it to send reminder alerts after a specified number of minutes.

Alert Acknowledgement

Especially useful when using an escalation profile, a failure can be acknowledged by a contact to prevent additional alerts being sent. You can easily report on who acknowledged any alert.

Do Not Disturb Periods

Don't want to get woken up at night for a specific alert? Do Not Disturb periods can be established for each contact. This works in conjunction with the escalation profiles, so you can easily set up complex notification procedures based on work shifts.

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