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How it Works
Select the type of service you want to monitor.

We support all the major services.

Don't see one listed you need?
You can roll your own using our telnet monitor.

Configure the monitor.

For instance, if you are monitoring a website, you may want to specify text which should (or shouldn't) appear on the page.

Configure notifications.

Specify who should receive an alert and by which method. Easily specify escalation profiles for multi-person notifications.

Maintenance Periods

Specify regular maintenance periods for a single monitor, or all the monitors grouped for one server.

No False Alarms

If one of our monitoring nodes detects an error, it will request confirmation from a separate node on a different network. Only if both nodes report the error will alerts be triggered.

Group Monitoring

Got multiple websites on one server which is undergoing maintenance? Simply pause the entire group, and all website monitoring will be suspended during your maintenance.

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