3 Things You MUST Monitor Now

Blog Post written by
Binary Canary Staff

We think of the internet as being “always on” but unfortunately, downtime is a fact of life on the web. BinaryCanary.com actively monitors 1,000 world-wide websites across multiple industries. The average uptime is only 99.41% - meaning that each site may be down for as much as 52 hours per year. 

That’s an hour a week. At random. A minute here and there – affecting an uncountable number of potential customers and eroding your professional reputation. Read this post in the time it takes BinaryCanary.com to monitor your website - one minute!Here are the three things that every business needs to monitor – and to be alerted as soon as possible should they go offline:

  1. Your Website. If your site goes down in the middle of a customer’s ecommerce experience, you’ve not only lost the sale, you’ve lost credibility. Not an ecommerce site? Then all you've lost is their attention and the opportunity for them to respond to your call to action. 
  2. Your Email. Just because you press “send” doesn’t ensure that the email will go through, if your email service experiences downtime at that crucial moment. We’ve all had the experience of sending an important email that was never received, or waiting for the email that never comes.
  3. Your Domain Name. This is the core of your online identity – and you spend thousands of hours and dollars putting that information in front of your customers. 

It’s on your marketing collateral, in your advertising, and how people remember you. If that expires, you could lose it – as expired domains are available for resale – and your competitors could wind up owning it – and that means they own all the good will you’ve built as well.BinaryCanary.com makes it both easy and affordable to monitor these three crucial areas. One-Minute-Monitoring starts for as little as $5/month to give you peace of mind that your website is working, your domain name is secure and your email is getting through – enabling you to take action to prevent the erosion of your reputation, reduce lost sales, and keep you competitive. 

Sign up today for One-Minute-Monitoring with BinaryCanary.com – We Alert You First.