Monday, November 08, 2010

Escalation profiles by server released

Last week, we released a much anticipated update - escalation profiles by server.

An escalation profile is the set of notification steps which should be followed in the case of a monitor failure.    Some of our clients who are monitoring multiple targets on a single server needed a way to prevent each individual monitor from alerting in the case of a server wide failure.

With this new update, you will be able to set up a single escalation profile for a server, and then associate the monitors with that server.

When a failure occurs, the server's escalation profile will be executed, and the failure email messages will indicate which actual targets are down.

In order to activate the feature, please follow these steps:

1. Create an escalation profile
2. Create/Update a server, and associate the escalation profile to the server
3. Update your monitor under “Alert Notifications” and set it to “Server’s Escalation Profile”
4. Click Save.

The escalation profile will now start once any monitor goes down. Any monitor that is using the server’s escalation profile will not alert individually. Instead, for email notifications, you will see a status of all the monitors using the server’s escalation profile. For other notifications, only the first monitor’s information will be stated.

You can also acknowledge the entire server with one click! Just go into the “List Servers” page and click the blinking contact icon to stop the server’s escalation profile.

Many more great features to come.

Dan Belhassen

posted by Dan Belhassen at 9:55 AM